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janvier 15, 2007,2:58 PM
soñadores tú
soñadores yo
un sueño

sueños no soñados y soñados
imagenes soñadas y por soñar
soñar tus manos
soñarte. soñarme

sueños nosotros
tú, yo
un espacio seduciendo
un tiempo /
corazones palpitando amor

soñando y viviendo
una historia...
tú y yo

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décembre 29, 2006,2:39 PM
Un cadeau pour toi
Une chAnSon qui décrit ce qui conviens. Je te veux !

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décembre 28, 2006,5:33 PM
It´s been a year...
It´s been more than a year since the first time I wrote here. At that time I was someone else, someone that is not today and that would not be tomorrow. At that time-mid November- there were different fires and stars surrounding me, it was a different story. Now that times are gone.

Today the world is different. After living each day I´ve arrived to the point where I can stand against the wind, feeling the breeze on my face, feeling and hoping, creating and thinking, writing and dreaming. The day before the beginning of this blog I was sitting in the middle of a high-tech room, best friend at hand, writting and arguing about some forgotten work that should be delivered.Now I´m sitting in tne middle of a linen cloth planning my next creation: the best of my entire life (at last until some new best creation comes around). The point it´s not my creation but the way I´ve been trough to arrive here... to this linen cloth.

On my way here my eyes have met a lot of faces, felt a lot of textures with my hands and heard a lot of sounds. Some of them were happy meetings, some awful, some noisy and a few more were painful ones...everyone left something behind. Some left a lesson to learn, some others left smiles, pain, letters,pages,ideas,dreams,wings,hopes,feelings. It´s been quite a ride!!
On the way I met Borges and played in his neverending yard, I dreamed with beatifuls nights and awake in front of the most beatiful and starry one; put my trust in the ones I believed most and a score of 2-1 teached me that it´s wasn´t that bad; heard Bizet and suddenly appear in a tabbern being witness of the duel for a cigarrette-seller love; thinked myself in two and another me was created-a version of me that can travel around time and space and that can mix reality and fantasy until both fall surrended to dreams. I´d also ride Pegasus, rescue Andromeda, meet Gaugin, been a next-table companion of Lautrec, walk down the Hades stairs and enjoy the two seasons travel of Persefone... better than this, while peeking from a window I discover the eyes that would be my travel mate, my stories-accomplice and my favorite stars.

At the other hand I had left behind some burdens that weren´t useful and that were giving me a big back-pain. I have to say thanks to all of those that were around for a while, to the ones that are still around, to the ones that I haven´t met yet and to my own dreams, thoughts, feelings and decisions that are, were and will be . Without them I wouldn´t be here now or wouldn´t be the one that I am today-which in fact is a very tricky and dazzling situation given the thousand ways that could be walked up to this point.

Walked or not, expected or not, I´m here and that´s what matters. Today I´m on a new journey, the journey for my most indoor dreams. Goodbye "must", hello "want". This is my time and my place, there are my completed tasks and here are the ones to be completed; I left the one I was for the one I am... and that´s enough.

One more thing... love. Dare to love till it hurts, it works for me.
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